And It's High Time, Cymbaline...

{my post limit blog is watersdicksquad, so if I'm not here I'm probably there.} Lex. 18. INTJ. ♎️. DCAD student. Roger Waters is a cool guy. The 60s and 70s are my home.

"The scene was that of a modern day Wild West, with psychedelic cowboys and girls outfitted in vintage western wear toting guns and eating LSD. By fall, the new consciousness born there had drifted west, rolling into San Francisco as sure as the late afternoon fog." razzlerdazzler drew my icon :) There's a music player up there if you want music^


UFO Polaroids

High-School Teachers: You need to be professional when you go to college. High-School dress-code reflect what COLLEGE classes expect you to wear.
Actual College Student: I know this class is at 5:00 pm, but I'm wearing pajama pants and a tank top.
Actual College Professor: lol same.


*squats down to look in the refrigerator* fitness


Jim Morrison & The Doors perform ‘Light My Fire' at Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu, August 1967.


12 year olds in 2007 more like



Originality is not dead

The drawing in your pic is so cute ^^

Thank you the wonderful razzlerdazzle did it :)

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