And It's High Time, Cymbaline...

{my post limit blog is watersdicksquad, so if I'm not here I'm probably there.} Lex. 18. INTJ. ♎️. DCAD student. Roger Waters is a cool guy. The 60s and 70s are my home.

"The scene was that of a modern day Wild West, with psychedelic cowboys and girls outfitted in vintage western wear toting guns and eating LSD. By fall, the new consciousness born there had drifted west, rolling into San Francisco as sure as the late afternoon fog." razzlerdazzler drew my icon :) There's a music player up there if you want music^


white boys’ haircuts be like




The Grateful Dead, 1967.

Incredible view - never seen this angle of this legendary shoot!


The Teck Crescent Tiara came into the British royal family by way of Queen Mary’s mother, Princess Mary Adelaide, the Duchess of Teck. This diamond diadem, featuring three wild roses separated by 20 crescent shapes, was assembled by Mary Adelaide from various jewels she inherited from her aunt, Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester.


Feet of The Rolling Stones during recording sessions for “Their Satanic Majesties Request.”
Bill Wyman, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, and Charlie Watts


Immaculate High - Class Of ‘76 Lookbook
Photography by Aaron Feaver


Sixties hippies dancing at a music festival 


Echoes : Live at Pompeii 

Pink Floyd

Echoes   1972

For real tho that 8 mm film is so cool it’s like you’re there

My neck is so fucking stiff and it knots up all the time and when it knots up the tension is so bad that I get a really bad fucking headache and I feel like I’m going to be sick fuck this how am I supposed to finish my homework like this

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